Goals and Objectives

The best thing about our workshops is that you set the goals. We'll find the most effective way to meet them.

Here are some objectives (and results) of companies who've engaged us to work with their people:

  • Better, more creative Customer Service
  • Improved Presentation Skills
  • More nimble Response to Change
  • Positive Leadership
  • Sharper Focus
  • Clearer Communication
  • Success from reducing risk-avoidance
  • Increased awareness and empathy
  • An end to the phrase, "It's not MY job"

All the seminars in the world won’t do any good unless the people–the members of your team–become actively involved, understand the basic theory and then see it successfully applied.  Our method is a common sense, hands-on, get-up-off-your-chair-and-have-fun approach that will have your group energized, laughing and communicating.

It’s simple:  When people are having fun, they’re relaxed.  When they’re relaxed, they’re listening.  When they’re listening, well…that’s when real communication takes place.  And that’s good!

Team building & Training

We offer small steps and big steps. Every program is customized to fit your objectives and your group - your group may be a large or small company, department, church, school, non-profit or association. We listen to what you tell us and design a syllabus based on your current situation, your forward direction and your ultimate objectives.

  • Some of the areas we've covered are:
    • Basic Team-Building, New Business Group, Post-Downsizing
    • Team-Building for Multiple Worksite Groups
    • Managing Change & Risk Taking
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Communications
    • Sales & Customer Service
    • Design Thinking & Ideation
    • Focus
    • Learn about each other 
    • Meeting Kickoffs - Energize your big get-together
    • Your idea - bring us a challenge - we'll construct a session or sessions that meet your issues head-on.