We approach leadership training and coaching from a unique and often overlooked perspective that addresses how leaders “behave” rather than what they “know”.  

This behavioral approach helps leaders at all levels develop a “charisma” or “presence” that allows them to communicate their compelling vision and purpose.  



The ability to express feelings and emotion appropriately by using all means of expression--words, voice, body, face--to deliver one congruent and persuasive message.   


The ability to accept yourself, to be authentic, and to reflect your values in your decisions and actions. 

We address such areas as self confidence and motivation, communication styles, effectively building, managing and motivating teams and how to present and coach to a higher level.   Our programs allow leaders to apply their learning immediately in a fast paced, experiential environment.

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Executive Presence can be defined as the following behaviors:

Being Present

The ability to be completely in the moment and flexible enough to handle the unexpected.


 The ability to build relationships with others through empathy, listening and authentic connection.