Would You Like To Be A More Confident and Engaging Speaker?

Have You Had Enough of Letting Fear of Public Speaking or Stage Fright Stop You From Doing All You Want To Do In Life?

Who We Work With

  • Executives
  • High Potentials
  • Non Profit Directors and Staff
  • Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Women In Business

And anyone else that wants to be a more confident charismatic speaker. 

Let us customize a program for you, your team or your company. We work with your culture to ensure success


Are You Ready For A Change?


Do You ...

  • have an immediate surge of fear when you think about public speaking or presenting?
  • attempt to avoid giving presentations or speaking in public because of performance anxiety?
  • worry that your talks are boring or awkward?
  • suffer from a lot of anticipatory anxiety thinking about your presentation or speech? 
  • experience stage fright and feel very self-conscious being "in the spotlight"?
  • miss opportunities or perform poorly because of this fear?

We can help you become a charismatic and engaging presenter by teaching you the skills that actor's and improviser's use. If you've tried other methods to become a better speaker and they haven't been effective then our experiential approach is for you. We focus on YOU being YOU--and help you bring your own personality, authenticity and expertise to inspire and empower your audience.

We Also Offer Media and On Camera Training for Leaders

Do you often get called on to lead webinars or use video conferencing for important meeting? 

So often what works in face to face interactions loses impact or comes across differently on camera.

We can help you to put your best put forward over digital media from on-camera technique to answering questions from the media.

Contact us for more information and get ready for your close-up