We've all been through numerous training events - workshops, seminars and courses. And while we’ve all received valuable information and tools for increased productivity, communication or leadership. Most of us have also seen what happens after the workshop is over. We return to our offices excited and pumped up by our new found knowledge and vow to implement the principles we’ve learned “when we have some time”. We place the binder on the edge of our desk because we are going to look at it “later” and before we know it the binder and all the skills we learned are relegated to the bottom shelf to make way for new appointments, meetings and commitments.

If we're motivated, (and not too busy) we find a moment to reflect on a couple of relevant points, but industry studies show that most new learning is lost within 24-48 hours of the event -- as much as 90% in some cases.

Has this ever happened to you? This is where coaching can help.

Think back for a moment about how you learned most of the valuable skills you call your own. Doesn't the most effective learning come from our interactions and relationships with others? Parents, coaches, mentors -- all have had an impact on our lives through teaching and demonstrating skills. They offered encouragement to take steps in a new direction and guidance to help us overcome the obstacles and blocks to success. A coach will work with a client’s unique strengths and personal development needs.

Coaching can be focused on a variety of development target areas including:

  1. New Manager/ Leader as Coach
  2. Creativity, Innovation
  3. Career development or change
  4. Personality development
  5. Interpersonal skills
  6. Teamwork and collaboration
  7. Entrepreneurship
  8. Emotional Intelligence

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