Regardless of your job title, every leader is called on to be a performer. Whenever you give a talk or presentation you represent not only yourself but your team and your company.

And whenever you present you have a wonderful opportunity to inspire, inform and entertain your audience.

Your Powerpoint presentation won’t do that. Your story will. Your authentic story.

Why are you giving the presentation? What’s the opportunity here?

Using the tools that actor’s and improviser’s use we can help you or your team find their story and perfect their presentation. Facts and figures are important and we will help you find the narrative that makes things like sales figures relevant and interesting to your audience. 

You will learn to:

  • craft a compelling story
  • be a more confident and authentic presenter
  • connect with your audience--even when you don't know who they are
  • put more energy and passion into your presentations
  • how to use vocal variety to add to your storytelling

And much more. Contact us for customized workshops or coaching and get ready to tell your story.