Lead Facilitator


        Rachel Bellack






Great Books
  • Words of Wisdom
    Words of Wisdom
    by Dr. John Gray, Brian Tracy, Rachel Bellack
  • Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core
    Energy Leadership: Transforming Your Workplace and Your Life from the Core
    by Bruce D. Schneider
  • Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
    Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
    by Malcolm Gladwell
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Welcome To The Improv Advantage

Experience A New Approach To Training and Leadership Development

The Improv Advantage is an international leader in coaching, training and consulting to organizations and individuals in the areas of communication, team building, leadership, executive presence and cultural change using the technique of applied improvisation as the core tool.  These multi-disciplinary techniques not only produce a behavior change, they actually "retrain the brain".  This new way of thinking is what produces sustainable results.

Do you want to get the edge in today’s changing business environment?  The reality of our times requires individuals and organizations to radically change the way they operate in order to not only be competitive but to thrive.

With change being the only constant these days, it stands to reason that the same old corporate training and leadership development programs we’ve come to rely on are no longer effective.  In fact, they haven’t been effective for a long time.  That’s where we can help.

Why Use Improv Techniques?

Improvisation is about change and transformation.  The purpose of most training programs is to create a behavior change in the participants.  Traditional training methods provide information about how to do things differently which impacts what the learner “knows” but may not automatically change the behavior.  Creating change is about breaking a pattern and improv based learning helps people to break patterns in order to respond in new ways and influence others to do the same. By using applied improvisation techniques, learners will actually understand and experience the desired change and the result that follow.  This experiential learning helps to break a pattern and change the way a person thinks.  The result is new skills and behaviors that can and will be immediately utilized in the workplace. 

“The power of improv as a training tool resides in it’s experiential nature or the ability to connect people to their intuition, their bodies, their intellect and each other.  The links to the bottom line become clearer and clearer.”  --Thiagi

What Are The Results?

Improvisational skills help optimize behavior change and enhance performance and awareness in core competencies such as:

·      Innovation, Ideation, Creativity

·      Superior Team Building

·      Inspiration, Influence, Discovery,

·      Ability to take action in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity,

·      Risk Taking

·      Resourcefulness, Ability to adapt

·      Emotional Intelligence, Active Listening, Effective Communication and Collaboration

Traditional training gives learners the “what” as in “this is what to do”.  Improv based training gives learners the “how” as in “this is how you make this change” internally as well as externally and the “why” as in “this is what’s in it for you.”

These are the results that provide high ROI for your training dollars and positively impact your bottom line. 

So see why Blue Cross, The United States Army, Reuters International, Chase Bank and over one hundred satisfied clients have chosen The Improv Advantage to help their corporations become leaders in their chosen fields.

How We Work

We offer fully customized programs based on your learning objectives, participants and desired length of training.   As a truly international company we will travel to your location in the United States, Canada or anywhere in the world. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and find out how The Improv Advantage can benefit your organization.