“The Improv Advantage is amazing!! They came in and made 200 people believers!”
- Robert Reynolds, Blue Cross Blue Shield



“It was a pleasure to sit back and watch your talent in action. We applaud the work you do.”
-Kathy Clarke, DMC


“The Improv Advantage did a great job infusing enthusiasm and light heartedness into our group. The exercises really work!! They were fun, challenging and entertaining.”
-Bill Vlisides, University of Michigan


“Surprised! Hilarious! What fun!!”
- Daniel F. Ladd, Michigan Academy of Physicians Assistants


“A huge success! I can’t thank you enough. Thank you!!”
- Melissa Stray, Compuware


“The participants loved it and they all got the message. How wonderful.”
-Chase Bank


“Rich, thank you for a job well done. Your exchange of questions with our Chairman had the group fooled and I know Mr. Miller had a great time too! The feedback we received on you was all positive. Thank you.”
-Donna Kellstrom, Comerica Bank


“We loved the workshop you wrote for us. Talk about customized! It was great.”
-Donna Lee Fitness


“A great program! We hope you will come back.”
-Connie Carr, Etd


“True professionals. You always are perfect. We love having you.”
-Marty Buffalini, Grosse Pointe Theatre Company





* (Repeat Customer)

Ford Motor Company*
Daimler Chrysler *
Detroit Schools
General Motors
Chevy Trucks
Volkswagen International
Blue Cross Blue Shield*
Farm Bureau*
Boy Scouts
University of Michigan*
Reuters International*
St. Clair College*
U.S. Army*
U.S. Government (Bonds)*
U.S. Government (Waste Management)
Catholic Church
Comerica Bank
Chase Bank
Speedy Printing International
Teachers Union Michigan
Michigan State University
Oakland University*
L.A. College
Mayors Office-Michigan
Columbia South Carolina*
Plastics Society of America
Linex Corporation*
McCann Erickson Ad Agency
Donna Lee Fitness*
Anderson Agriculture
Kalamazoo College
Farmer Jack International
Engineer Society of America
Dickenson-Wright Law*
University of Windsor
VIP International
Grand Hotel
Toastmasters International*
Society of Women Engineers
Conference Management Services
Vista Maria
Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants
ETD Inc.
Detroit Edison*
The Sanctuary
The United Way
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University of Toledo
Bowling Green University
Aaron Raditz Magic Inc.*
South Carolina Improv Festival
New York Improv Festival
Detroit Improv Festival
Detroit Regional Chamber
Grosse Pointe Theatre Company*
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Stage Crafters Theatre Company*
Oakland Community College
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